Casa Mora” wine-cellar is a small company that it was bought in the 70s by Silvano Camporesi, who oversaw and managed with love and passion the vineyard.

Today the company is run by Paolo Camporesi, son of Silvano, who followed in the footsteps of his father managed to get crafted sangiovese wine typical of the areas of Predappio.

The grape harvest is done manually according to family tradition, and the wine realizes its natural fermentation in steel vats. The vineyard is about 1.27 H. and it was implanted on the "Podere Bagnolo", located on the edge of the walls of the castle in Rocca delle Caminate, at an altitude of 350 meters. o.s.l.

The ground type is silt clay and is situated in the hills overlooking the Po Valley, more precisely, is 35 km away from the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to this proximity to the sea, the vineyard receives sea breezes that make the exposure fresh and breezy as well as sunny. By means of these influences, the climate is ideal for the production of quality grapes, allowing even the limited use of pesticide treatments.

The winery although small is equipped with a large parking area, a tasting room (max. 64 people) and a large garden, where in the beautiful days you can also taste wine outdoors.