Legend of the seat of the Virgin Mary.

Leggenda seggio della Madonna


Between the pathways of the Caminate and inlets of Fiordinano, over tilled fields, to the rocky hillside which raises up to a summit where it takes form of a seat.

The tradition would have it that the Vergin Mary passed  through this way on her earthy pilgrimage, and feeling tired she sat down to rest on this rock seat.

This stone seat was found to be so comfortable that she transformed it into a throne.

After which, fresh moss grew up all around and covered completely  the stone seat, and every season the most beautiful and fragant flowers grew up of which could never be found in any other place.

And today,  it is still a place for worshiping.

Also the believers,  retrace the steps of the Virgin Mary's walk.

This strange legend, which almost anticipates the reality of time, for the same destination:  Rome,  destination of chistianity and destination of the new civilization.